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Audiovisual services

We handle a vast array of services and products. Be it sound amplification, stage lighting, stages, decorative lighting, projection screens, tv screens, cameraman, you can count on our expertise.

Wooden spoons

For international events, our spoons are without a doubt a great authentic gift. Crafted without compromise, made of Canadian hardwood, the sound is smooth and powerful. The build quality makes this product a lasting souvenir. To further augment this, add a black ink tatooed logo or commemorative statement.


Keep the party going on all night with one of our DJs specialized in conventions. Request a quote right now.


Offer a personalized album from the very talented Painchaud family. The greatest songs of the 70s and 80s all arranged in a very classy fashion will be sure to delight your guests. Discount is available with quantities over 50. Inquire now.

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Rustic decor

Comprised of a lumberjack camp made of real log wood. 7′ high, 9′ wide, 4′ depth. This decor also includes small synthetic trees, trapper’s traps, traditional snowshoes, lighting, and other various artifacts. Delivery and setup included.

Folkloric dancers

Eight of the very best traditional tap dancers from the Beauce area get into the Painchaud show to add a lively folkloric feat to our act.

Grand piano

Rent our wonderful Yamaha C7 (7’6″) to add decorum and an exceptional sound to our musical performance. Available in the province of Quebec. Delivery and tuning included.

Ice sculpting

We collaborate with an internationally reknowned sculptor to offer you fantastic add-ons: table centers with LEDs, buffet table centerpieces, the logo of your organization carved in ice, live sculpting and a brand new magic act: the Icetar.

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